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Suppliers of High Quality Ready Mix Concrete

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About Us

Cemix Concrete was setup to cater to the acute shortage of quality concrete facing the construction industry, the group set up its own concrete batching plant at 2 locations in Mumbai to cater to this need.

The plants are fully automatic German made plants and can easily supply numerous construction sites in a day.


Ready Mix Concrete

Concrete is made from a properly proportioned mixture of cement, water, fine and coarse aggregates, and often, chemical or mineral admixtures. The mixture when placed in forms and allowed to cure becomes hard like stone.

The hardening is caused by chemical action between water and the cement due to which concrete grows stronger with age.


Quality Assurance

  • Material Testing
  • State of the art Testing Equipments
  • 100% Physical Testing in plant
  • Chemical Testing at 3rd Party labs
  • Qualified Quality Staff

  • State Of Art Machinery
  • German Technology Stetter Plant
  • 4 Nos. High Capacity Concrete Pumps
  •